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SmartVector brings more compact, resizable maps to the Web

Maps with inbuilt intelligence offer faster downloads and more creative applications

With the launch of SmartVector by MapMechanics of UK, digital mapping in advanced vector point-and-line format can now be delivered over intranets or the Internet to Web browsers. When vector mapping is viewed in most browser-based GIS systems, the user receives a raster image which has been created from the vector on the server. Now, with new SmartVector from GeoConcept, the definition of the vector data can be sent to the browser and recreated locally, so some of the processing is performed at the client end using an ActiveX plug in.

SmartVector enables more clients to access the server at one time and each user has access to mapping in a more intelligent format.

This allows Web developers to create browser-based mapping applications in which much more processing is done at the user end. Working interactively, users can enlarge or reduce the view, select parts of the map, view or hide particular features, and list information relating to areas they identify by drawing shapes on the map all without having to download further information or different views from the server.