Home News Smart maps can help India gain around $8 billion: Report

Smart maps can help India gain around $8 billion: Report

India: A new report, Smart Maps for Smart Cities: India’s $8 Billion+ Opportunity, that quantifies the value of smart maps to Indian citizens, businesses and government, has been published by Dalberg Global Development Advisors and Confederation of Indian Industry. The study highlights that smart maps can help India gain upwards of $8 billion in savings and value, save 13,000 lives, and reduce one million metric tons of carbon emissions a year, in cities alone.

Smart maps use mapping technology that capture a broad range of data and are built to update quickly and correctly in order to give people the most accurate information possible. "Simple improvements in some of the most basic tools that citizens use can lead to significant social impact. Maps, by which citizens and organizations make sense of their surroundings, are one such ubiquitous and fundamental tool that technology has transformed," said Gaurav Gupta, Managing Director of Dalberg Asia.

Source: Business standard