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Smart Grid white paper on utilities

Australia: The Smart Grid white paper, written by Ian McRae, from The LiTMUS Group (Australia), Tim Gunter from North Highland (USA) and Guus Van Leerdam from Twynstra Gudde (The Netherlands), has been released. It aims to help major utilities address the issues surrounding the development of a local smart grid.

The white paper is a result of a recent energy summit held in Paris. The summit brought together perspectives from North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Analysis in the paper includes:
1) What is a smart grid – The best way to think of a smart grid is as an “energy internet” as it incorporates the three layers required to make the grid intelligent—the existing power distribution layer, a communication layer to provide real-time intelligence on the operation of that network and an application layer in which new value-added products and services can be developed and extended to customers beyond the simple kilowatts and BTUs they receive today.
2) Essential technical elements of a smart grid – from meters to software.   
3) Transformational processes needed to build a smart grid with a solid foundation – including the need to focus not only on technology and processes but also on people.
4) How to gain an early return on investment – quick wins to demonstrate viability of smart grid implementations.

More investment yields greater returns – while early ROI is important, the significant benefits will come from serious investments and dedication to the success of smart grids. For more info, one can click here.

Source: Smart Grid Australia