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Smart Data Strategies announces DREAMaps Mapper 10.0

Franklin, TN January 8th, 2009 – Smart Data Strategies, Inc. (SDS), provider of GIS software and services, announced the availability of DREAMaps Mapper 10.0. Developed as an extension to ESRI’s ArcEditor and ArcInfo 9.3, DREAMaps Mapper 10.0 further increases productivity and efficiency for parcel creation, editing, maintenance and related tasks.

Originally developed in 1997, DREAMaps Mapper was as one of the first parcel editing extensions to ArcInfo. As the Land Records Management software suite, DREAMaps is currently being used to manage over 9,000,000 parcels nationwide. It utilizes .NET architecture as well as several products in ESRI’s ArcGIS suite.

DREAMaps 10.0 highlights:

• Upgraded to ArcGIS 9.3 and the latest Microsoft OS’s
• New QC tools for finding duplicate annotation and attributes
• Enhanced workflow and integration capabilities
• Full CAMA integration
• Ability to incrementally add attributes
• History tracking and reporting
• Two times extend tool
• Production reporting
• Enhanced plotting tools
• Automatic versioning
• Enhanced CAD importing (uses .DWG, .DGN, and .DXF)