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Small satellite for Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: SSTL has commenced building a small satellite for the Republic of Kazakhstan that will provide medium resolution multi-spectral earth observation capability to complement the high resolution satellite that is being provided by EADS Astrium as part of the contract awarded to the company in October 2009.

The Medium Resolution Earth Observation Satellite (MRES) project highlights how systems from the two EADS Group companies can be deployed together to provide integrated multi-satellite space systems. The new EO system will include a high resolution mapping spacecraft and a wide-swath medium resolution multispectral mapping spacecraft implemented by a team comprising Astrium and SSTL.

The SSTL MRES satellite will deliver wide swath multispectral imagery of the Kazakh territory and other parts of the Earth.  It will weigh less than 200 kg and have the capability to image and downlink one million square kilometres per day.

SSTL will deliver the MRES satellite within a 3 year timeframe which includes a comprehensive training and development element, by building upon its heritage designs from its successful SSTL-150 class missions such as TopSat, DMC+4, CFESat and the RapidEye constellation of 5 spacecraft. Kazakhstan’s MRES system will also incorporate advanced new technologies that have been developed for the NigeriaSat-2 satellite that include enhanced data handling and downlink capabilities.

Source: SSTL