GeoWrap: Small sat market to grow by USD 30bn; Boundless partners with...

GeoWrap: Small sat market to grow by USD 30bn; Boundless partners with Mapbox and more


Euroconsult predicts 30 billion dollar market for small satellites by 2026

France: Market research firm Euroconsult has published its latest report on the “Prospects for Small Satellite Market” that explains significant expansion in terms of capabilities and demand in smallsat market. The report states that over 6,200 smallsats are expected to be launched over the next ten years..(Read more)

sensewhere’s indoor location volume hits 50 billion requests

US: sensewhere has announced that its indoor positioning service has now been used to support 50 billion location requests. The technology has been deployed at scale supporting hundreds of millions of mobile users with an optimized mobile SDK and server system capable of handling the high traffic for indoor positioning…(Read more)

Boundless partners with Mapbox on mapping platform

US: Boundless has announced a new partnership with real-time location and mapping platform, Mapbox. The partnership will enable developers to build applications that help people move through cities and understand their world better, by giving Boundless users the access to premium basemap content…(Read more)

Trimble Connected Site to be integrated with Propeller’s Automated Ground Targets

US: On Thursday, Trimble announced its collaboration with Propeller Aero to distribute its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) analytics platform. Based in Sydney and Denver, Propeller is a leader in advanced collection, visualization and analysis of data from UAS…(Read more)

Waze releases in-app voice recorder feature for navigation purposes

US: Google-owned navigation app Waze has released in-app voice recorder feature for iOS users that will allow you to record and use your own voice for various navigation commands in a language that you understand. Enabled with voice recorder support, the Waze update on iOS allows you to…(Read more)


Map Shows Top 10 Countries in Medal Tally of Asian Athletics Championship-2017

mapThis Map shows the Top 10 Countries in Medal Tally of Asian Athletics Championship-2017. Indian contingent bagged 12 gold medals at the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships and topped the medals tally. After a good start in the tournament, Indian athletes maintained their momentum and finally went on to secure a historic tally of 29 medals…(Read more)

A Strategic Framework for Integrating a Global Policy Agenda into National Geospatial Capabilities

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is particularly a multifaceted agenda incorporating several dimensions, including time-bound targets as well as geographic location. While the temporal dimension has been given ample attention,…(Read more)


The biggest iceberg breaks off Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf

A giant section of LarsenC ice shelf has broken free, releasing a 5000 sq km iceberg into the Weddell Sea. That’s the same size as Trinidad and Tobago. The behemoth iceberg weighs more than a million million tonnes and contains about the same amount of water as Lake Ontario in North America…(See here)