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Slovak Geodetic and Cartographic Institute goes on the Web

The Geodetic and Cartographic Institute (GKÚ) in Bratislava, the official provider of geographic information in the Slovak Republic, today announced a web-based project to allow public access to land registry information via the Internet. The service will be available from February 2004. Ness Technologies, a global provider of information technology solutions and services, is responsible for the implementation of the project.

The information, including land registry extracts, will be accessible either through a digital map or with the help of identifications codes. This solution is one of the first online public land registry services, not only in the in Slovak Republic, but also in Europe.

Following a public tender, Ness was selected as the primary supplier, due to its knowledge and its compliance with the required criteria. Ness will develop, deploy and operate the solution, ensuring performance and availability of the land registry portal around the clock. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase includes development and implementation and will be completed by the end of January 2004. The second phase will last for 5 years and will include maintenance outsourcing. Hardware is supplied by the Slovak company Slovanet, the web map is developed with Autodesk’s MapGuide, and the graphic solutions are supplied by the Slovak company Grall. The portal will be based on Oracle’s products.