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SLA spearheads Spatial Challenge for students

Singapore: Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is spearheading its annual, SLA Spatial Challenge, which is organised for pre-university and tertiary students to encourage the use of GIS technologies in Singapore.

Ng Siau Yong, Director of SLA Geospatial Division, said, “SLA is spearheading a whole-of-government initiative “SG-SPACE” (Singapore Geospatial Collaborative Environment) to create an environment to facilitate the sharing and use of geospatial information among the public agencies, business and communities for better decision making.”

The SLA Spatial Challenge is done annually in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, which has played a key role in creating awareness of GIS Technologies in schools. “Since 2008, our target participants have been the pre-university students. From 2010 onwards, we have enlarged our target participants’ base to include the tertiary students as well. To date, an approximate number of 350 students had participated in this competition” he said.

Ng added that the Spatial Challenge event yielded such positive responses that it encouraged the Government to continue its efforts to reach out to the students from Universities and Polytechnics.

SLA invests SGD60,000 (USD47,000) to organise each annual Spatial Challenge event, which according to Yong is an investment into the education of Singapore’s Future Generation and would pave the way towards a “Spatially enabled society”.

Source: www.futuregov.asia