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SLA launches crowdsourcing tools for OneMap

Singapore: Singapore Land Authority (SLA) launched ‘OneMap Crowd Sourcing Tools’ to provide organisations with map facility to locate interactive activities and information. The tools are beta set of map-based tools that community, and organisations or non-governmental organisations can use to facilitate crowdsourcing and create a function on their websites where OneMap will serve a map for users to tag the locations of crowd-sourced information.

“The benefits of OneMap extend beyond just the sharing of information by the public sector. Businesses and organisations can leverage OneMap to reach out and gather spatial information from a large group of people,” said Sim Ann, Senior Parliamentary Secretary on Education and Law.

Cat Welfare Society yesterday started the use of crowdsourcing tools on OneMap. Citizens can now easily report sightings of stray cats and their locations on OneMap at the Society’s website.

“This data enables the Society to plan a systematic trapping and sterilisation programme, helps it gauge where feeding points are most needed, and work with local community to set up such points,” she added.

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory (ACRA) also launched its “BizQuery” service on OneMap to enable users to find the location of registered businesses in Singapore. The same location-based information will be linked to ACRA’s online portal for direct purchase of the corresponding business information.

Moreover, the SLA recently launched OneMap Challenge competition to increase awareness and promote innovative use of OneMap in the development of desktop and mobile applications. The winner for mobile application category was ‘EcoFinder’, a social and interactive environmental application aimed to motivate users to go green by making effort and taking action to recycle. With EcoFinder, users are able to locate nearby recycle bins, check-in to bin and gain points, as well as to unlock achievements and compete with friends on leaderboard. The application has been developed by Tan Jia Hao, a last year student at Nanyang Polytechinic.

The runner-ups are iGoNYP, [email protected] for mobile category, and Nearby Tutors.sg and Oh My God, it is OneMap Game (OMG) for web category. There was no winner awarded for the web category.

Source: FutureGov