Skyward launches drone programs for businesses

Skyward launches drone programs for businesses


US: To help start-ups and business manage and grow professional drone programs, Skyward have introduced a low cost pricing tier that will allow them to access Skyward’s drone airspace map, flight planning and logging tools, and digital system. The offered services are available at a record $9.99 per month.

Since its launch in September, the company has been supporting small businesses and companies that are using drones to do business in new and more efficient ways. Currently, businesses in six countries are using Skyward to manage drone programs for real estate, commercial construction, aerial videography, precision agriculture, professional sports, and industrial inspection.

“We’re seeing so many companies and small businesses that are just beginning to launch drone operations,” said Jonathan Evans, CEO of Skyward. “They aren’t flying a lot yet, but it’s essential that they’re flying safely because all of us share the same airspace. We didn’t want cost to stand in the way of companies having the safest possible drone flights, even at the outset, and that’s why we introduced our startup plan.”