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SkyTraq unveils GNSS receiver module for accurate indoor positioning

Taiwan: SkyTraq Technology unveils state-of-art, all-in-one S2525DR8 GNSS dead-reckoning module, integrating MEMS sensor and interface logic on-board, enabling ease of use and fast time to market, ideal for road vehicles requiring high accuracy 100% positioning availability. The S2525DR8 is believed to offer best accuracy for both indoor and outdoor positioning. A 3D option adds barometric pressure sensor on-board, offering improved accuracy altitude reading and altitude change detection over accelerometer based scheme in 3D dead-reckoning.

The S2525DR8 contains level shifter on-board, capable of direct interface to vehicle odometer and forward/reverse signals ranging from 3V to 30V. The SPI interface pins on the module allow autonomous data logging to external SPI Flash memory device. S2525DR8 offers services like continuous navigation inside tunnels and underground parking lot without signal; highly accurate barometric altitude enables identification of which level the vehicle is on in a stacked multi-level high-way or a multi-story car park. For automatic vehicle locating or fleet management systems, location can be identified immediately after power on no matter it is outdoors or indoors under signal denied environment. It also provides reliable, uninterrupted position, speed and heading information in challenging environments; it is suitable for demanding vehicle navigation and tracking applications requiring highest accuracy and availability.

Source: SkyTraq