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Skyscanner Launches New Maps Tool API

Skyscanner.net has launched the Skyscanner Maps Tool API , the first in a new series of free tools that allows third party websites to integrate Skyscanner flight functionality into their own sites.

The Skyscanner Maps Tool API is a Flash travel map that webmasters can easily embed on their own sites to display Skyscanner flight route information and is free to download from www.Skyscanner.net.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner Director of Business Development said:
“The Maps Tool API has been developed in response to the huge demand we’re getting from businesses who want a way to integrate Skyscanner’s search functionality into their websites.

“Much of that demand is coming from businesses in the travel sector, such as resorts and hotels, tourism organisations and airports, but the Skyscanner Maps API is a powerful marketing tool for any business that depends upon people travelling to or from them. The fact is that if you don’t make it easy for people to find out how to do that, they’ll go somewhere else.”

The tool is fully configurable, allowing webmasters to display a fixed departure point, fixed destination point, fixed departure and destination, or an ‘anywhere to anywhere’ open search. Webmasters can also select their preferred language from a choice of 20, including Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

The new Maps Tool API is the first in the series of new online travel tools that can be integrated into third party sites.

To download Skyscanner Maps Tool API visit https://api.skyscanner.net/api/ajax/maps/introduction.html