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Skyline adds GeoPDF production capability to TerraExplorer apps

Atlanta, USA: Skyline Software Systems, a 3D earth visualisation software and services provider, signed an international OEM reseller partnership agreement to add TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery production capabilities to its TerraExplorer family of applications.

Under the OEM agreement, Skyline will incorporate GeoPDF maps and imagery production capabilities into its TerraExplorer applications. TerraGo GeoPDF technologies will allow users to produce and distribute interactive, portable and intelligent multi-layer GeoPDF maps and imagery from the TerraExplorer environment. TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery production capability will extend the reach of TerraExplorer mission-critical geospatial visualisation products and foster geospatial collaboration.

“Adding the TerraGo GeoPDF production capability to the Skyline TerraExplorer family of applications  will enable customers to seamlessly produce and share data-rich, geo-referenced visualisation applications imagery within their own enterprise and beyond,” said Matt Harrison, Vice President – Defense Business Unit.  “We see this new capability as a significant production and collaboration enhancement for our users.”

“Skyline applications are the standard worldwide for photorealistic imagery.  GeoPDF production capability will enable Skyline customers to make their high resolution maps more compact, portable and accessible, and in turn, promote greater organizational efficiency, productivity and responsiveness,” said John Timar, director of strategic alliances.

Skyline TerraExplorer is a broadly deployed critical visualisation technology in defence and intelligence, public safety, security, transportation, utilities and urban planning markets.  It fuses together massive and disparate datasets in real-time, enabling users to create and interact with customised, virtual 3D landscapes.  Available on the web or desktop environment, TerraExplorer provides rapid access to 3D geospatial data for a wide variety of applications ranging from mission planning and crisis response to asset management and urban design.            

TerraGo GeoPDF technology empowers users without sophisticated GIS or training to access, dynamically update and share compact geospatial information. Consumers of GeoPDFs maps created in TerraExplorer will be able to use the no-cost TerraGo ToolbarTM to add georeferenced notes, video, photo and geoform updates to every product. This functionality will greatly enhance the end user experience and enable collaboration within the enterprise, between organisations and disparate systems, peer-to-peer, to the field and back.

Source: TerraGo