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Skygone offers instant deployment of GIS-application servers

Redlands, California, USA -Skygone Inc. announced that they have launched a “Build and Deploy” wizard on their website (www.skygoneinc.com) that allows for the instant deployment and utilisation of preconfigured, GIS application-ready, servers.

“By empowering end-users and service-providers alike to make real-time infrastructure decisions, we are shortening the planning cycle and increasing the flexibility of GIS application deployments,” said Ryan Hughes, President of Skygone. “In addition to the benefits to GIS end-users, GIS development companies will now be able to preinstall their application on our infrastructure and deploy it to their clients, instantly.”

Skygone’s on-demand framework allows customers to only pay for the servers they need, at the time they need it. Customers can take advantage of Skygone’s predictable monthly (or annual) fees, no long term contracts, and the ability to scale up or down their server’s resources at anytime. Turnkey server packages start at $195/month.