Skybox to provide imagery data and analysis MIS in the UK and...

Skybox to provide imagery data and analysis MIS in the UK and Africa


UK: Skybox Imaging (Skybox) has signed an agreement with McKenzie Intelligence Services Ltd (MIS) to deliver products and services from its Skybox SkySat constellation. Under this agreement, MIS will deliver timely, intelligent, imagery data and analysis to the UK and African market. MIS shall further enable existing remote sensing users, entrepreneurs and developers to easily access Skybox Imaging to add value to the capabilities of their business.

SkySat-1 image of London taken on February 23, 2014

Matt Wood, Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions, Skybox, said, “We are proud to be partnered with McKenzie Intelligence Services to provide insightful analysis products derived from the timely, sub-meter imagery and video products y leveraging MIS’s extensive experience in imagery analysis to deliver imagery-derived products including change detection reports, environmental reports, disaster relief coordination, and security audits.”

“We have been working with Skybox Imaging team since early 2012 and we are incredibly excited to announce MIS as the point of sales of Skybox Imaging in the UK and Africa in this dynamic market place,” said MIS Managing Director Forbes McKenzie.

Source: McKenzie Intelligence Services