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Skoda uses ProFlex 500 for performance analysis

Czech Republic: Skoda, the Czech auto maker, has selected precision Ashtech ProFlex 500 GNSS receivers to measure the dynamic movements of its new models as they accelerate through high-speed tight test manoeuvres at the company’s development facility centre.

As a test driver executes a sequence of close loops at high acceleration and speed, two on board ProFlex 500 GNSS receivers receive and transmit continuous observations of the dynamic transverse movement of the vehicle. In order to provide real-time centimetre accuracy positioning, the GNSS receivers were also connected via UHF to a third ProFlex 500 GNSS reference station that broadcasts instant real-time corrections. The Ashtech receivers were integrated in an intricate high technology testing system, using complementary sensors such as inertial gyroscopes and speed indicators on each wheel of the vehicle.

During the tests, the driver goes to the limits of the car, executing a sequence of tight loops at high acceleration and speed. An efficient way of sustaining this high position fast output rate was to provide the two on-board ProFlex 500 receivers with base corrections in compact AshTech Optimized Messaging (ATOM) format through a UHF radio link. Through its integrated UHF receiver, Ashtech ProFlex 500 delivers position updates at 20 Hz (20 measurements per second).

Ashtech’s proprietary compact ATOM format ensures the data is delivered speedily. In addition to the fast update delivery rate, Skoda selected the ProFlex 500 for its drop-out free stability, precision and rugged construction. Technical support for GNSS hardware tuning and integration was provided by Ashtech and Geoobchod, its local dealer.

Source: Ashtech