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Skobbler competes with Google Maps, launches maps for android

US: German LBS provider Skobbler has announced its return to Google Play with a €1 app that offers online and offline functionality for mapping and turn-by-turn navigation.

While Skobbler had made Android apps for a while, they withdraw their “GPS Navigation 2” app from the Android store on February this year mentioning its lack of success. They however continued to make their mapping app Forevermap 2 available on Android.

Now Skobbler is back with a new app – which replaces Forevermap 2 – that brings together mapping and turn-by-turn GPS navigation in a single package.

With internet connectivity the entire map is continuously available to the user. For offline use one country is included in the package and it can be extended to other countries with low-priced in-app purchase options. The app offers almost 1000 possible map downloads: cities, countries, or full continents.

With a low price and offline maps Skobbler position itself with a differentiation against both Google Maps/Navigation and high priced navigation apps such as Navigon, TomTom or Sygic.

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