Skobbler brings travel guides to its navigation app

Skobbler brings travel guides to its navigation app


US: A little over two months after Skobbler unveiled ForeverMap 2 for iOS, an OpenStreetMaps-powered mapping tool with offline route-planning, the German startup has announced that it’s now introducing a travel guide into its navigation app.

Now, in addition to being able to download maps from around the world, users will be able to read about their destinations offline too, an added feature that comes free for anyone who buys the app – which costs €0.89 for a limited time, rising to €2.99 after. For US users, these prices are ‘Free’ and ‘$2.99′.

ForeverMap 2 lets users input an address to receive a range of directions depending on their method of transportation; walking or driving. The map is able to follow your position using GPS, while its offline mode gives access to maps which are paid-for and downloaded over WiFi.

The new travel guide features 90,000 English-language pages crowdsourced and written by registered Wikitravel users from around the world. Though the likes of Google Maps does include layers for Wikipeida entries on its Android app, this feature is missing on the iOS version and, at any rate, it’s not available offline. So Forever Map 2′s latest update could prove popular with travellers.

Source: TNW