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SiRFstarIII powers Garmin

SiRF Technology Holdings, a provider of GPS-enabled location technology, has recently announced its flagship SiRFstarIII architecture is being used by Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. to provide GPS positioning capabilities for the Edge, a new line of integrated personal training systems designed for recreational and advanced cyclists. The Edge is the first Garmin device to incorporate SiRF’s flagship SiRFstarIII architecture. With its 200,000 correlators combined with sophisticated navigation algorithms, the SiRFstarIII architecture sets a new benchmark for fast and deep GPS signal search and track capabilities, making it possible to achieve very fast and robust positioning even through dense foliage and urban canyons.

Employing a completely new design specifically for cyclists, the Edge 205, Edge 305HR and Edge 305CAD are compact, lightweight, waterproof units that monitor pedaling cadence, heart rate, vertical profiles, climb and descent, altitude, speed, distance and time. SiRF’s SiRFstarIII is designed to provide fast, accurate location data for all of the new Edge products. In addition, the Edge 205 relies on the SiRFstarIII for accurate altitude information. Because the Edge is GPS based, the information may be overlaid onto a cyclist’s course map, including hills and curves, making it easy for cyclists to analyze every aspect of their workout. SiRF Technology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. and is a supplier of GPS enabled location technology for high-volume mobile consumer devices and commercial applications. Founded in 1995, SiRF is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S.