SiRF teams with Fastrax to speed GPS deployments

SiRF teams with Fastrax to speed GPS deployments


California, USA, 13 June 2006: SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc. has announced an alliance with Helsinki-based Fastrax, Ltd., a provider of OEM GPS receivers and application development software, to strengthen SiRF’s global value added manufacturer (VAM) programme.

SiRF’s VAM programme is designed to enable a broad range of customers to integrate GPS technology quickly into their products without investing significant resources in their own GPS development. With a range of customizable module and subsystem level products from its VAM partners and a global support infrastructure, the VAM program enables SiRF and its partners to deliver higher levels of service and support to customers worldwide and accelerate their time to market for innovative GPS-enabled products.

The first result of this alliance is the SiRFstarIII-based Fastrax iTrax300 OEM GPS receiver which will be used to employ SiRF Technology, and is based on the SiRFstarIII GSC3 chip set, which was chosen by Fastrax because of its industry-leading time-to-first-fix (TTFF) and ultra-high acquisition sensitivity. As a result, the iTrax300 delivers high-performance navigation in the most stringent applications and a solid fix even in demanding GPS environments.

Able to track more than 20 satellites, the SiRFstarIII architecture achieves very fast position fixes and acquires signals down to -159 dBm, making real-time navigation practical in challenging environments such as urban canyons and dense foliage. Unlike the lengthy sequential search process of traditional GPS architectures, the SiRFstarIII architecture, with the equivalent of more than 200,000 correlators, enables fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities, resulting in significant improvement over other architectures that contain a few hundred to a few thousand correlators. The SiRF GSC3 combines a complete GPS digital baseband processor and RF front end in a single 7 mm x 10 mm package.