Singapore, UN to develop GIS information tool

Singapore, UN to develop GIS information tool


Singapore: The United Nations and Singapore have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop an information management tool called Geographic Information System-based Situation Awareness Analysis Application. The tool will consolidate all peacekeeping-operation related information into an interactive map interface. It will support UN peacekeeping operations that can aid in enhancing situational awareness, trend analysis and early warning capacities in field missions.

Reiterating Singapore’s significant contribution, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Field Support Anthony Banbury said countries such as Singapore that are “very committed to the issue of peace and security have much to offer,” especially at a time when the demand for peacekeeping has driven the need for creative ways to respond to threats and challenges.

Ambassador Karen Tan of Singapore emphasized that the challenges faced in peacekeeping missions “require thinking outside the box to adjust to new challenges and conditions, as well as to stay ahead of the curve.”

Source: UN