Singapore to take the Open Geo Data way to realise Smart Nation...

Singapore to take the Open Geo Data way to realise Smart Nation vision – PM Lee


Singapore: Outlaying the Smart Nation vision, Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong emphasised the need for open geo data for the nation.

PM Lee demonstrates the MyTransport SG app during the launch event of Smart Nation vision

Mr Lee said: “One way in which we are going to do this is to open up our maps, our databases of places and information about that so that the public can share their geospatial information." As part of this, he demonstrated MyTransport SG bus app to the audience, which showed the power of integration of geo data with other open datasets from the transportation department.

PM Lee further said how geospatial data can play a key role to understand aspects such as animal sightings, traffic incidents, potential hazards for cyclists, even the location for best mee pok or nasi lemak.

He also announced the launch of a project Virtual Singapore, where 3D datasets of buildings, built-up spaces and the surrounding environment would be integrated. One of the key application areas aimed out of this data is towards energy efficiency management of buildings.

He also emphasised on a systematic approach to this vision, where the existing government IT systems and enabling technologies would be integrated to crate a platform where everyone can contribute.

To take this vision forward a Smart Vision office is setup, and a 10 year time frame is being considered to implement this vision. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources would be heading this initiative.

Credits: Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore & Channel NewsAsia