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Singapore to get 3D digital map

Singapore, 10 April 2007: TeleAtlas has announced that Singapore users can expect three dimensional maps with realistic 3D rendering for their GPS devices in the second half of 2007. Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok to follow in 2008.

Tele Atlas on April 10th gave a preview to the media how 3D GPS navigation will look like in the near future services to be provided for Singaporean users in near future. Mark Steel, APACChief Operating Officer, and David Sym-Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, both for Tele Atlas, talked about the possible developments to the GPS.

The company also announced its partnership with BMW, which will see selected beemers sporting GPS maps provided by Tele Atlas in 2008.

The upcoming Singapore map will show buildings in 3D detail, so that users can instantly identify their end points. And instead of a top-down view, 3D GPS navigation will allow for a real-life view as the user drives through the city, much like popular first-person racing games on computers and gaming consoles.