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Singapore seeks GNSS-based car parking solution

Singapore: The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Singapore, is exploring the feasibility of using the GNSS – like the US’ GPS – to enhance planning and management of its car parks. “URA will explore whether the GNSS can be used to determine if a vehicle has entered a parking lot and, hence, be able to assess occupancy and demand for car parking,” a URA spokesperson told Today.

Tests will be conducted at six parking lots at different URA car parks “with varying environments” over a number of days. Commenting on the trial, the managing director of car park operator, Metro Parking, Tyrone Lopez, said that “the Singapore market is unique compared with other countries in that it relies on an electronic parking system, which is similar to the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)”.

He added that, as the Land Transport Authority has indicated that the current ERP system will be replaced with a GPS-based gantryless system, the introduction of the GNSS for islandwide ERP is possible in “the not too distant future”.

This means that car park users “would also see a change in the electronic parking system used in the management of off-street parking sites”, he predicted.

An added benefit of this new system, according to Lopez, would be its ability to “cater for the presence of foreign vehicles”.

The authority administers about 46,000 lots in Singapore. The URA is also exploring the use of this system to accurately locate vehicles when they are stationary in a parking lot.

It may help facilitate automated collection of parking charges and reduce or eliminate the need for enforcement in these car parks.

Source: Today