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Singapore says satellite launched by India working fine

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Singapore: The first India-launched Singaporean satellite, TeLEOS-1 is working well, said Singapore Technologies at the media preview of the Singapore Airshow 2016. To enhance its remote sensing data capabilities, the country is working on a second much-larger “Next Gen Satellite”.

The 'In-Orbit Test' activities of TeLEOS-1 continue to be conducted and test imagery are taken as part of the camera calibration and validation process. The satellite was launched from Satish Dhawan Centre at Sriharikota on December 16 last year along with five other Singaporian satellites on an Indian rocket.

The 400-kg satellite made first contact with the ground station 1 hour and 48 minutes after the successful launch. TeLEOS-1 remains on schedule to roll out its first commercial imagery by mid-2016, it said. It is Singapore's first commercial Earth Observation Satellite designed, developed and launched into a 550 km 'Near Equatorial Orbit' for remote-sensing applications.

Its applications include disaster and environment monitoring, maritime safety, coastal surveillance, urban planning and homeland security. ST Electronics said it plans to design and build more advanced satellite. The airshow is being held from February 16-21 with the participation of 65 of the top aerospace and defence companies in the world, said organizers Experia Events.

In the pipeline will be a much larger "Next Gen Satellite" of 600kg to 700 kg, with higher performance specifications in terms of pointing accuracy, agility, storage capacity, data throughput, and power, it said.

Source: Economic Times