Home News Singapore police deploys drone-equipped vehicles

Singapore police deploys drone-equipped vehicles

Singapore: The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has introduced a fleet of drone-equipped vehicles that it plans to use for pre-planned security events, search missions and situations requiring aerial surveillance.

According to Police Workplan Seminar, “This is a one-year pilot programme and is one of the high-tech law enforcement measures SPF is rolling out to enhance its operational effectiveness and become a “smart force”.

These vehicles, called the Sky Aerial Response Command (Sky ARC), will each carry up to three drones.

Other incidents in which the drones could be used include tracking suspects across a large area, such as a forest. The drones are equipped with thermal imaging and can detect human presence.

The drones, which can fly to an altitude of a few hundred metres, will feed information and transmit images back to an integrated command and control system, said SPF.

In response to concerns about privacy, SPF said that the drones come with sirens and markings to make their presence clear to people in the area.

In addition, SPF will comply with existing government data storage and privacy policies.