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Singapore Land Authority’s 3D Map project underway

Singapore: AAM and JTRS Registered Surveyor have recently announced that they have completed the data acquisition phase of Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) 3D Map project.

SLA has long held detailed geospatial layers of Singapore, but both the aforementioned companies are trying to provide Singapore authorities with the capability to extend their analysis and visualisation by including height aspect. The new layers would include accurate terrain, detailed surface models and high resolution imagery. Though this project, SLA also wants to create high quality photorealistic building models of Singapore’s urban areas. The 3D buildings will be both spatially correct and highly photorealistic to meet the diverse range of uses which the various authorities have.

AAM recently deployed two of its survey aircraft in Singapore to capture the required base data. One aircraft was fitted with a LiDAR sensor using laser technology to measure the ground at 40cm intervals and produce a detailed terrain model of Singapore.

The second aircraft was fitted with an Oblique survey camera. This five camera system captured nadir photographs over Singapore to produce a high resolution photomosaic. It also photographed the façades of every building. AAM will utilise this imagery to add photorealism to 3D building wireframes created from LiDAR and photography.

Now that the raw image capture is complete, the next task is for AAM to produce the terrain, surface model and generalised building models. This will allow SLA to share these layers to support Singapore’s development and management projects. The third stage involves constructing the detailed photorealistic buildings for the whole of Singapore.

All of the data for this project will be integrated into SLA’s systems and workflow using AAM’s K2Vi software. This 3D visualisation and analysis package provides workstation and web-based functionality to the buildings, terrain, and vector and imagery products.

In 2010, SLA had launched the OneMap one-stop portal to provide info search services. The 3D project was reportedly initiated after SLA found that 2D Maps were becoming inadequate in addressing the many urban challenges because buildings and infrastructure are expanding upwards, underground, overlapping and interlocking with each other.

Source: AAM