GeoWrap: Sinergise to provide Pléiades imagery; Geo Agri gets added into Vantage...

GeoWrap: Sinergise to provide Pléiades imagery; Geo Agri gets added into Vantage network and more


Trimble adds Latin American partner Geo Agri to Vantage network

US: Trimble has added its Latin American distribution partner Geo Agri to its Vantage network — a global network of independent distribution partners that provide growers, advisors, retailers, co-ops and local OEM dealers with precision agriculture expertise for the entire farm…(Read more)

Indian space scientist Yash Pal dies at 90

India: Indian space scientist and academician Yash Pal died in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The 90-year-old had been unwell from a while, and breathed his last on Monday. Pal was well-known for his work on cosmic rays and his show on Doordarshan titled “Turning Point”…(Read more)

MDA signs contract amendment with USNGA for GTO requirement

Canada: MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates or MDA has signed a contract amendment with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) for its Geospatial Terminal Operations (GTO) requirement. MDA will provide an additional year of software systems and services to automate...(Read more)

Sinergise partners with Airbus Defence and Space to provide Pléiades imagery

France: Slovenian GIS company Sinergise has partnered with Airbus Defence and Space to provide Pléiades imagery, which will be available for purchase and distributed through Sentinel Hub services. Sinergise has already started integrating new datasets into Sentinel Hub and we will keep update the users on regular intervals…(Read more)

Hexagon launches PC-DMIS 2017 R2 measurement software

Sweden: Hexagon has launched the latest edition of its most popular measurement software, PC-DMIS 2017 R2. The software introduces Slideshow for INSPECT software, allowing users to create unlimited customize-able layouts with inspection results populated during measurement…(Read more)


Will it soon be easier to operate a commercial remote sensing satellite in US?

The US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology recently approved the American Space Commerce Free Enterprise Act of 2017. The Act covers numerous space-related activities, including commercial remote sensing satellite systems…(Read more)

Planet launches rapid response team to aid post-disaster emergency relief

The use of satellite imagery for disaster response – rescue ops, rehabilitation and monitoring the after effects – is well established. It is also crucial in long-term recovery efforts. Now, small satellite major Planet has launched a new digital volunteer program…(Read more)

Landsat completes 45 years: Tracing the journey

Landsat is a name congruous with earth observation. And why not, given that it is the longest-running enterprise for acquisition of satellite imagery of Earth! To date, the Landsat Program, which is jointly managed by NASA and the US Geological Survey (USGS)…(Read more)