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Simple Geo’s holiday release for developers

US: Simple Geo released a few new tools, API features, and additions to its website, announced Jeffrey Kalmikoff, VP of Product, SimpleGeo, in his blog. He wrote, “We have heard that launching anything new right before the Holidays isn’t a good idea, we have to respectfully disagree.”

Here is a rundown of new launches:

JSONP / Javascript SDK
This feature of Simple Geo’s API allows users to enable location features on their websites, thanks to GeoIP technology and the W3C’s Geolocation API Standard.

Address Geocoder
Users can now use a US-only (for now) human-readable address (ex. 41 Decatur Street, San Francisco, CA 94103) with all our products, instead of a proper lat/lon coordinate (37.772818,-122.405763). Simple Geo will geocode the address and run the query all in one simple call!

While Simple Geo patiently waits for all browsers to support the WC3‘s Geolocation API Specification, the company announced that all of its products now support querying with an IP address as a feature of our API. Similar to the Address Geocoder, the company will geocode the IP address and run the query all in one simple call.

Product Pages
As an addition to Simple Geo’s website, the company now has individual product pages for each of its 3 products, SimpleGeo Context, SimpleGeo Places, and SimpleGeo Storage (which is currently in private beta). The company will be continuously iterating on these pages and adding more information, but for now they should give a clearer picture of their capabilities.

QR Codes
Every feature in SimpleGeo now has a QR code. Instead of accessing the feature with .json, try using .png.

Supported Clients
Simple Geo has also updated all of its supported clients (Objective-C (iOS), Android, Java, and Python) to support these new additions, as well as SimpleGeo Context and SimpleGeo Places support. All of these clients can be found on our Tools page.

Source: Simple Geo