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Simmons Aerofilms Limited selects Z/I Imaging’s POS Z/I 510 position and orientation system

Z/I Imaging Corporation announced that from its Earth Imaging Seminar in Breckenridge, Colorado, that Simmons Aerofilms Limited selected its POS Z/I 510™ Position and Orientation System with Inertial Measurement Unit. POS Z/I 510 is Z/I Imaging’s OEM version of Applanix Corporation’s POS/AV-DG™. Simmons’s new POS Z/I 510 system was installed in a Cessna 402B, G-MAPP, already equipped with Z/I Imaging’s RMK TOP15 camera.

Simmons Aerofilms is one of the United Kingdom’s largest providers of aerial photography operating two aircraft with Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) cameras. The POS Z/I 510 will be used to undertake a variety of photography and mapping projects throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean during 2002. The decision to install a POS Z/I 510 was made to reduce ground control costs and provide a more complete photography and aerial triangulation service to its customers.

The POS Z/I 510 measures the position of the camera perspective center and orientation angles of each photograph at the exact time of exposure to an accuracy of 5 – 10 cm and 20 – 30 arcsec respectively (all values RMS). This performance allows direct georeferencing of aerial photographs to produce maps that meet or exceed national standards for most scales, without aerial triangulation and with minimal ground control.