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Canada – SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of software solutions for the rapid generation of geospatial data, is pleased to announce the introduction of its Correlator3D™ product in Europe. Initial strategic customers include VITO in Belgium, the Flemish Institute of Technological Research.

Designed for speed and ease of use, Correlator3D™ consists of fully automated software tools for the production of digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM), the creation of orthophotos and the detection of 3D changes. Correlator3D™ is significantly faster than currently available tools and highly trained personnel are no longer mandatory. This implies that even end-users can rapidly generate their own geospatial data products.

“We have been really impressed by the simplicity of the software and the quality of results”, said Dr. Jan Biesemans from the Department of Remote Sensing at VITO. “Together with the Flemish Government, we are currently prototyping photogrammetric workflows for automated change detection in the large scale GIS/CAD geographic reference database of Flanders.

Correlator3D™ is identified as a suitable commercial-of-the-shelf algorithmic component because of the batch capabilities and the ultra fast 3D information extraction.”

Dr. Philippe Simard, President and Co-Founder of SimActive, stated, “Since the initial release of Correlator3D™ last January, we have experienced a fast success in North America. We have decided to include Europe to our marketing activities. Sales to renowned organizations such as VITO clearly demonstrate the advantages of our technology over competing products.”