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SimActive unveils new DSM technology

Montreal, Canada: SimActive Inc, a leading developer of photogrammetry software, unveiled 4.0 version of its Correlator3D product capable of producing dense Digital Surface Models (DSM).  Building on the success of its previous DSM generation module, this new release leaps ahead to enable production of DSMs approaching the ground sampling distance resolution of the input imagery with constant sampling across all areas.

This next generation GPU-enabled technology delivers close to three times more points compared to previous releases. Along with very high point density, it features powerful new enhancements for better representations of terrain topography. With newly developed algorithms, Correlator3D also refines handling of occlusions achieving a high fidelity DSMs.

In a press statement, Louis Simard, Chief Technology Officer of SimActive said, “This latest milestone release is the result of intense research efforts and we are really proud with the outcome. Correlator3D continues to push technological boundaries and remains the most powerful DSM engine in the industry.”

Source: SimActive