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Significant increase in scan speed for Leica ScanStation 3D laser scanner announced

2 October 2006 – Leica Geosystems today announced a new firmware increasing significantly the scan speed of its Leica ScanStation 3D laser scanner. This enhancement improves the field productivity and decreases the field labour cost of using High-Definition Surveying for many as-built & topographic survey applications.

The speed increase is based solely on new, advanced firmware that was developed for the Leica ScanStation scanner. The firmware enhancement produces the same high quality data with the same convenient grid pattern for which Leica Geosystems HDS scanners are well known.

The extent of the actual scan speed increase is dependent on the particular Field-of-View (FOV) and scan density settings applied for an individual scan. For example, for a “full dome scan” (i.e. 360° x 270° FOV) with a scan density of 3’769 points horizontal by 1’413 points vertical (5’325’000 points), scan speed has been increased by 22%. For a more dense scan over a smaller FOV, (180° x 60° FOV with a 5’000 X 5’000 point scan, i.e. 25 million points), scan speed has been increased by 81%.

“We are very excited about this technology development, as it will significantly increase our customers’ field productivity in many situations. With this improvement in scan speed, Leica Geosystems has made the industry’s most versatile, easy-to-use, and productive scanner that much better,” states Ken Mooyman, Vice President of Leica Geosystems’ HDS business unit.

There is no change to the pricing of Leica ScanStation based on the new scan speed firmware. The firmware enhancement is immediately available. Owners of Leica ScanStation will receive the new firmware, which can be field-installed, for free under the product’s maintenance and support plan. No hardware upgrades are involved.

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