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Sigma Seven test the water with the EPA, Republic of Ireland

Ireland – Sigma Seven are pleased to announce that the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland (EPA) has selected their innovative field mapping and data capture product, GeoField. The EPA will use GeoField to streamline and enhance their lake and river water quality monitoring service.

Sigma Seven’s proposal was selected for multiple reasons: the suitability of GeoField to the EPA’s field work requirements; Sigma Seven’s capability and deep understanding of mobile GIS; value for money and the speed of deployment made possible by a GeoField-based solution.

The Environmental Protection Agency protects the environment in the Ireland through its licensing, enforcement and monitoring activities. EPA’s specialist teams of field biologists are responsible for monitoring the health of the hundreds of lakes and rivers through the country.

It is a complex task that is challenging and time-consuming to carry out using traditional paper maps and plans.

A multi-function, mobile GIS solution, Sigma Seven’s GeoField product is ideally suited to this specialised and detailed work. Running on powerful Tablet PCs, it provides the field teams with all the maps and related information they require, including records of previous surveys, areas of interest, land use and species identification. Information is presented in an accessible and easy to use graphical form as well as providing all the necessary forms and tools to make recording the results both quick and accurate.

The EPA has already invested in the latest GIS technology from ESRI and GeoField will build on this system, allowing the field biologists to take their GIS maps and analyses with them into the field.

The field devices are linked to GPS, which helps the field teams with locations as well as providing a record of transects and survey points. Digital cameras linked to the field devices are used extensively to record surveys, habitats and plant and animal samples. Because GeoField allows direct electronic recording of all field data through structured workflow, the captured data can be fed directly into the EPA’s analysis and reporting process, saving many man hours of laborious transcription from hand written field notes.

Andrew Coleman, Sigma Seven’s New Business Manager, said, ‘We are absolutely delighted that the EPA have chosen GeoField to advance their lake and river monitoring work. We believe that our GeoField software suite offers valuable tools for environmental agencies and consultancies.

To be selected by the lead environmental agency of an EU country demonstrates that GeoField has the features and reliability to satisfy the most exacting requirements.’

‘GeoField is versatile enough to help streamline any map-based field work, making it more efficient, accurate, better integrated with corporate systems and less reliant on cumbersome paper-based processes.’