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Siemens Licenses CPS

Cambridge Positioning Systems (CPS) has entered into an alliance with Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group for mobile communications location technology.

The companies have signed a five-year deal, which will see Cambridge, England’s, CPS licensing its Cursor location software to Munich-based Siemens.

CPS is also providing E-OTD software integration for Siemens handsets via its newly opened facility in Cambridge. Together, this will allow Siemens to rollout E-OTD location-based network equipment and handsets for a rapidly growing market led, in the adoption stakes, by the United States.

Cursor technology allows GSM operators to pinpoint handsets to within 100 meters. This capability in mobiles has now become a requirement in the United States following the introduction of the E-911 legislation by the Federal Communications Commission last year. The FCC was keen to boost individual mobile-phone owners through the use of location detection technology, which would allow emergency services to find those in distress much quicker.

CPS intends to build a long-term partnership with IC Mobile, partnering them into a market that holds huge potential for location technology software. In October of last year the Cambridge based company announced that it had adapted its E-OTD software for use with third-generation services as well as calling the new technology Cursor 3G.