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Sidwell to provide GIS services to City of Beloit

St. Charles, IL, USA –The City of Beloit recognised the need to modernise and automate their mapping system, and make it easier to distribute and deploy data to all potential users. After a comprehensive qualifications-based selection process, the City chose The Sidwell Company to serve as their GIS consultant.

Sidwell—a provider of geographic information systems, aerial photography, cadastral mapping and website provision services—will convert the City of Beloit’s current cadastral data into an ESRI ArcGIS Geodatabase platform, and provide an ESRI-based software solution for maintaining the GIS. This GIS solution will also support a direct interface to the City’s application for tax cycle administration.

Along with data conversion, Sidwell will develop and maintain a GIS website for the City. The new website will include a map navigation capability and a parcel number querying application with which users of the website (i.e. citizens and businesses) can easily access land parcel and ownership information. At the completion of this project, the City will have all its parcel data in the most current technology from ESRI.