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Sidwell and Mid-West GIS selected by Adair county

St. Charles, IL – Faced with a need to enhance the level of information and detail included in Adair County’s existing GIS data, County Assessor Donnie Waybill was in search of the most effective and efficient means to accomplish this task. After review of various options that would help them achieve this objective, Adair County selected The Sidwell Company to provide cadastral and annotation feature development for the County. Sidwell’s team of GIS and mapping experts will add new cadastral and annotation features to the Adair County geodatabase, using the County’s existing hard-copy tax maps as a source. All cadastral and annotation features will be created and stored within an ESRI geodatabase.

In accordance with a mandate issued by the Missouri Tax Commission, Assessor Waybill was also faced with keeping an inventory of each billboard within the County. Attribute information for each must be collected, including the uniform parcel number, the GPS location, and additional attributes relating to the size and type of construction of the billboard, as well as its age and its height above ground. For this portion of the project, Sidwell’s project partner Mid-West GIS will collect the locations of all billboard signs in Adair County using vehicle-mounted GPS and ArcMap®. This GPS data will then be incorporated into the county’s geodatabase. Digital photographs of each billboard will also be captured, and made accessible from the captured billboard location points in ArcMap. Ultimately, the enhancements to the County’s GIS will give them a more robust geographic data set to share with users and improve the level of service they can provide to the community at large, while the billboard inventory, in addition to keeping the County compliant with the state mandate, stands to generate additional revenue for the County in the form of new and or updated assessments to these properties.