Sich-2 satellite launch postponed for December 2010

Sich-2 satellite launch postponed for December 2010


Ukraine: The launch of the Sich-2 Earth remote sensing satellite, scheduled for October, is postponed for December 2010, the National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) has reported.

Sich-2 has been designed by the Yuzhnoye State Design Bureau and is produced by the Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant production association. The satellite is equipped with multi-zone high-resolution scanner and mid-infrared scanner with total bandwidth coverage of 500 km. It can take photos with resolution of up to 8 meters, which is sufficient to obtain initial information for solving various socio-economic and environmental tasks.

At present, the Yuzhnoye design office is designing Sich-2M spacecraft with a resolution of up to 2 meters. Draft designs are being also performed for a series of Sich-3 satellites with meter resolution, radar and other equipments.

Source: NRCU