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SICAD UTILITIES and EWE join forces to develop a geomarketing application

To be successful on liberalized markets and to ensure that customer orientation is more than just a hollow claim, companies need intelligent tools. EWE AG in Oldenburg and SICAD UTILITIES have joined forces to develop a geomarketing application for a wide variety of tasks relating to the marketing and sales planning activities of a multi-service enterprise. With the SICAD-UT Sales Tool, EWE now has a pioneering solution for preparing all the relevant corporate data in such a way that it can be ideally incorporated in strategic planning and actual operations. Integrating spatial knowledge in the business processes creates tangible competitive advantages for acquiring new customers, retaining existing ones and systematically opening up new regions and market segments.

SICAD-UT-ST gives users the opportunity to employ sales and marketing resources efficiently and to maximum effect. The application provides a rapid overview by displaying aggregated customer and market data in the form of georeferenced maps. Users can zoom in on detailed information, local differentiations and customer-specific data. The key figures generated here – the core of any instrument for economic planning and control – can be indicated as absolute values, as pie charts or bar charts or as different colors. In addition to spatial considerations and differentiations, the application presents markets trends over time and serves as an early warning system in the competitive environment. As soon as the predefined market share of another supplier exceeds a particular threshold, the Sales Tool automatically informs the user so that immediate action can be taken. Since the start of 2002, EWE has been running a pilot application of Sales Tool, which has already been used successfully for monitoring and evaluating the current market penetration for gas customers.

The geomarketing solution arose from a specific and urgent need on the part of EWE and models the actual sales and marketing processes and the sales issues of a multi-service supplier. Apart from the aggregation and preparation of the information, the broad availability of this market data was particularly welcomed in the company. The SICAD Spatial Desktop (SICAD/SD) based application is made available throughout the company via the SICAD Internet Map Server. In view of the geographical expansion of EWE AG, it is important that users in external offices and new supply regions should be able to access SICAD-UT-ST. Since the application is provided via the standard browser and great importance was attached to making the tool user-friendly, there is no need for a resource-intensive rollout with installations on the client or for special user training. The next step will be to establish a link to the “Business Information Warehouse” SAP module so that all the evaluations can be performed on this data source.