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SICAD-UT V3.2 goes in full production

“In just first few months of working with SICAD-UT we are seeing tangible benefits from this modern environment in Windows NT. Thanks to this new application we have a wide range of options and tools for data analysis and can make our working processes more efficient with the aid of predefined masks and icon-based command entry”, says Ulrich Herbst, Project Manager for Network Interface at the East Bavaria Regional Office of E.ON Bayern. After successfully introducing the system and migrating its data, the electricity supply company has been using the new Version 3.2 of SICAD-UT since January 2002 for all network information and planning tasks.

The East Bavarian Regional Office of E.ON Bayern AG has been using its network information system to manage overview maps of the overhead lines and buried cables for the medium-voltage range (20 kV). These maps have been produced to different scales and show not only the network topology but also extensive attribute in on the operating equipment, such as power plants, stations and switchgear buildings, and information on material and service lives. The specialist SICAD-UT-E application for electricity networks and SICAD-UT-VISION for planning information are used here. The three full-version workstations installed in the Regional Office in Regensburg and the eight information desks in the decentralized customer centers provide optimum support for the professional separation of decentralized recording and central input.

To coincide with the completion of the system launch, SICAD GEOMATICS performed the extensive services needed for migrating the existing network data to the new application landscape of SICAD-UT. “This demanding task was completed quickly and efficiently by specialists from SICAD GEOMATICS. Initial testing in December 2001 was followed in the same month by the smooth migration of the real-time data”, explained Ulrich Herbst.

The options provided by SICAD-UT V3.2 are so extensive that E.ON Bayern is using the system not only for pure documentation purposes but for network management and planning. The SINCAL network calculation system, for example, is working with network data from SICAD-UT. The majority of the planning and calculation activities for the medium-voltage networks is already being carried out on the basis of the network structures managed here. At present, work is under way on integrating the two systems so that the data can be automatically exported from SICAD and imported into SINCAL. At the same time, SICAD GEOMATICS and M.O.S.S., a partner company also working as a project service provider for E.ON Bayern, are preparing a comprehensive solution for integrating the 100,000 sections of the Digital Floor Map (DFK) in SICAD-UT.