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SICAD-UT DESIGNER enables network planning using GIS data

SICAD has introduced its new SICAD-UT DESIGNER application, with which utility companies can now plan new networks or redesign and extend their existing setups. SICAD-UT DESIGNER is a graphics-based planning tool that runs under the SICAD-UT network information system from SICAD UTILITIES.

SICAD-UT DESIGNER covers the entire range of tasks from order/variant management through actual planning to analysis and output. The application uses the detailed information from GIS and in so doing creates a link between documentation and planning. SICAD-UT-DESIGNER will be released for sale at the same time as SICAD-UT/GSP V4.0 in October 2002 and can also be made available on the web via Geo Service Providing.

With SICAD-UT DESIGNER, the GIS data from the documentation on the current state of the supply networks can now be used for even more purposes. Network information is highly relevant during both the pre-planning stage and the actual implementation planning stage with its associated bid preparation activities.