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SICAD GEOMATICS strengthens its management team

Holger Schade, Thomas Englert and Werner Lück were appointed to the managing board of SICAD GEOMATICS, Munich. Together with Managing Director Thomas Heim, they form the company’s new management team. Under the guidance of this new managing board, SICAD GEOMATICS will be improving still further on its leading market position in applications for land management, supply and waste disposal in Germany and at international level.

Holger Schade, most recently Vice President LIS/GIS at Leica Geosystems, will be responsible from July 1 for the operational business of SICAD GEOMATICS. Leica Geosystems AG, with its headquarters in Heerbrugg/Switzerland is directly and indirectly involved in both companies as a shareholder. The appointment of Holger Schade to the managing board of SICAD GEOMATICS adds to the strategic importance that Leica Geosystems gives to the AED-SICAD group.

Holger Schade, 38, studied surveying in Stuttgart and Calgary/Canada and was awarded a doctorate in surveying in 2002. He started working for Leica Geosystems in 1995. Holger Schade was primarily involved in product management and was Vice President LIS/GIS from 1999 to June 2002.