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Showcasing ‘Earth as Art’

US: US Geological Survey (USGS) unveiled the Earth as Art 3 collection, the latest set of Landsat satellite images selected for their artistic quality. Viewed from the unconventional perspective of space, through this collection, USGS showcased the Earth’s geographic attributes.

The Earth as Art 3 exhibit is the third in the series of award-winning USGS and NASA images now available online. Taken from the Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 satellites, Earth as Art 3 depicts an intricate beauty in Earth’s natural patterns. Instead of paint, the medium for this collection is light.

“While studying satellite imagery taken nearly 450 miles above the Earth’s surface, USGS researchers recognised that some remarkable images went beyond scientific value and inspired their imagination,” said Matt Larsen, USGS Associate Director for Climate and Land Use Change. “The collected images are authentic and original in the truest sense. These magnificently engaging portraits of Earth encourage us all to learn more about our complex world.”

Forty satellite images were selected for the exhibit based solely on their aesthetic appeal. Cloud formations, coastlines, mountain ranges, islands, deltas, glaciers, and rivers seen from space take on patterns resembling abstract art with their striking textures and brilliant colours.

Source: USGS