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Shimla TCP Department to be computerised

Shimla, June 3 – The government has decided to computerise the functioning of the Town and Country Planning (TCP) Department so as to ensure greater transparency, accountability and efficiency in the process of granting approvals for building plans.

The decision was taken at a meeting held under the chairmanship of the Principal Secretary, Town and Country Planning and Urban Development. Officers of all departments concerned and the local municipal corporation were present in the meeting.

In the first phase, the entire process, right from submission of application to approval, will be computerised. It will enable applicants to ascertain the status of their applications and know about objections, if any, through the Internet.

The entire process of issuance of “no objection certificates” for setting up mobile towers, monitoring of unauthorised constructions and court cases will also be computerised. A personnel management information system, a budget and accounting system and a grievances redressal system will also be put in place.

Geographical information system (GIS)-based solution for development plans will be implemented in the next phase. Similarly, citizen-centric services of the Municipal Corporation, Shimla, will also be computerised. The model will be replicated in case of other municipal bodies to improve the public services delivery mechanism.

The data regarding violation of building plans and encroachments will also be made available on the web and it will be linked to the planning permissions for proper monitoring and ensuring accountability.

In the final phase, the building maps will be digitised and the applicants will also be asked to submit computerised building plans.