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Shell embraces location-based intelligence into market planning

MapInfo Corporation announced that Shell Oil Products uses MapInfo’s AnySite solution to obtain valuable location-based analysis and demographic research to help shape strategies impacting the company’s network of gasoline stations. AnySite provides Shell, demographic information, market reporting and mapping visualisation to enhance planning and improve performance of existing locations.

MapInfo’s AnySite helps companies analyse demographic and proprietary data to better understand target markets quickly, easily and accurately, which enables more intelligent decision-making. Shell began using AnySite when the company entered into a retail venture with Texaco in 1998. At the time, the company had more than 23,000 Shell and Texaco locations to manage in its retail venture, and needed to improve its planning and visualisation tools.

Shell can now evaluate proximity conflicts between existing stations and potential conflicts new locations may create. Shell also uses MapInfo for projects such as evaluating individual site performance, uncovering location-specific demographics and conducting sales projections. This visualisation helps Shell better communicate directly with its customers through targeted direct marketing programs. In addition, Shell uses this technology to connect to corporate data repositories for gas station data and point of sales analysis which helps save the company time and money.

“Shell is the perfect example of a company in a competitive field that finds itself needing a way to effectively manage a large network of sites to remain successful,” said Bob Bucker, vice president, services, MapInfo.