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Shared data centre for OS and Land Registry

UK: IT Directors from Ordnance Survey (OS) and Land Registry officially inaugurated a shared data centre, the first of its type for central government. The opening sees OS and Land Registry become the first government organisations to embrace the government’s information and communication technology (ICT) strategy and follow the programme of shared data centres. This strategy aims to reduce IT infrastructure costs by up to GBP 300 million a year and support the achievement of environmental and sustainability targets.

There will be two data centres at separate sites running IT infrastructures and services and physically separate their organisation’s workforce from its live IT systems. By the end of 2010, OS will have both the Gloucester Data Centre and their second site – at their new head office currently being built in Southampton – fully operational. Meanwhile, Land Registry meets their shared service strategy by using the extra capacity available at their data storage centre.

Bob Goodrich, OS’s Director of information systems, said, “In the current economic climate it is essential that we realise cost-savings throughout our organisation, and sharing space with Land Registry enables us to do this and to support the government’s ICT strategy. Now that we have completed fitting out the area we will begin migrating our infrastructure and aim to have completed this by late summer 2010.”

Land Registry’s Director of Information Systems, John Wright, also took part in the opening event and said, “We hope this will set a trail for other public-sector organisations to share their services and cut costs. Our state-of-the-art venting system on-site will reduce energy consumption and we look forward to monitoring this going forward.”

Representatives from both organisations will be presenting at the public sector data centres conference in Manchester on 10 May 2010 to share how they achieved this successful and mutually beneficial outcome.

Source: Ordnance Survey