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Shaping the future of map generalisation in Europe

The future of automated map generalisation is looking bright following a workshop in the UK involving some of Europe’s major mapping agencies.

Delegates from Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK gathered at Laser-Scan’s headquarters in Cambridge to discuss their future aims and requirements.

Although many of the mapping agencies had not been in contact before this meeting, they discovered several areas of common ground and identified new avenues for research.

Laser-Scan hosted the seminar as a follow up to the extremely successful AGENT (Automated Generalisation New Technology) project – a three year programme funded by the Future and Emerging Technologies (FETs) unit of the European Union to develop new techniques for generalisation.

The results of the AGENT project were used to develop Laser-Scan’s Gothic Generaliser product.

Gothic Generaliser is an advanced product devised for National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) and map publishers to derive maps at smaller scales from their detailed basic scale databases.

Laser-Scan has already delivered a system based on AGENT technology to the Danish National Mapping agency Kort & Matrikelstyrelsen (KMS) and is currently working with three German Leander.