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Shanghai unveils food safety map

Shanghai, China: Shanghai unveiled a food safety map through which people can check whether local food producers have obtained licenses. The map lists a total of 1,833 food producers in the city that have acquired production licenses. People can find their addresses, the locations of their factories, their products, license numbers and when the licenses will expire.

There is also a search banner on the map, allowing people to search whether a producer has registered or not by typing its name. Only a Chinese version is available at present.

The Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau said the map will be updated from time to time and its search function will also be improved in the future.

The bureau has also dispatched staff members to post notices at food production companies to stamp out irregularities in food production and food scandals. The notice lists practices banned in food production and a hotline number to encourage residents to report irregularities they find.

Source: East Day