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Sewall to Provide Landbase, Address, and Utility Data Collection for NSTAR

James W. Sewall Company of Old Town, Maine, has announced that the firm has signed a contract with NSTAR Gas & Electric Corporation of Westwood, Massachusetts, to provide aerial photography, planimetric and utility mapping, and address collection for 39 southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod communities. Sewall will acquire 1″=660′ scale color aerial photography of the 1,100-square-mile project area in spring 2003 to support planimetric mapping and utility infrastructure capture. In addition, Sewall will assign point addresses to building footprints to support the integration of NSTAR’s outage management system with the utility’s enterprise GIS.

“This is a significant project for all involved,” says Brent Jones, Sewall’s Vice President of Energy and Telecommunications. “We are pleased to continue our strong business relationship with NSTAR and to play such an important role in the continued development of their GIS.”

To promote data sharing with its customers, NSTAR is also making this data available to the individual communities at substantial discounts. In partnership with NSTAR, Sewall will act as the exclusive data-reselling agent to these communities and to other interested parties. Sewall’s data sharing program will make available the following core data products: limited planimetric features (transportation features, hydrography, and utility infrastructure); building addresses and street centerlines (building footprints, point addresses, and centerlines with address ranges); and color aerial photography (in digital format or as a digital photo map book). Scanned at a 4″-pixel resolution, the aerial imagery will support the development of 1″=100′ scale digital orthophotography and 2-foot contour generation.

“This program is an outstanding opportunity for these Massachusetts communities to obtain high-quality GIS data at a very reasonable cost,” says Director of GIT Services John Ferketic, who will be leading the data sharing program at Sewall. “This data is ideal for updating an existing GIS or for developing the foundation base map of a new system.”

As part of this program, Sewall is offering the communities limited free GIS consulting support, data hosting, and ESRI ArcIMS Internet mapping services, using Sewall’s TownVu interface for online data distribution. As a corporate consultant business partner with ESRI, Sewall is making the data available in ESRI’s Geodatabase. The firm has recently assisted other clients in database migration to ESRI ArcGIS, utilizing the new functionality of the Geodatabase structure.