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Sewall partners with Terrapoint to provide LiDAR services

Maine, USA, 30 April 2007: James W. Sewall Company announced partnership with Terrapoint to provide LiDAR acquisition, aerial imaging, photogrammetric mapping, and digital orthophotography services.

Sewall President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. James H. Page said, “This is a great partnership of complementary strengths and shared philosophy. As we see the industry demand for LiDAR increasing, Terrapoint recognizes the continuing importance of aerial photogrammetry for mapping and GIS. As partners, we will continue to set high standards of data quality to meet our clients’ evolving needs.”

Terrapoint President James Ferguson agrees, “This is a superb fit for both our companies. Sewall’s expertise in a wide range of mapping-related sciences and our expertise in LiDAR should produce results to the benefit of both companies and our clients.”

Terrapoint are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Pulse Data and operate on LiDAR systems in North America. Terrapoint provides geospatial solutions and information to service energy, environmental, land development and transportation clients globally.

Founded in 1880, Sewall provides engineering, forestry, and GIS consulting services to government and industry. In recent years, Sewall has delivered GIS and data maintenance services over the web. For more information visit www.terrapoint.com